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Guild Package Application

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Guild Package



How to apply for a Guild Package?

  • Guild Requirements
    • Minimum of 10 members
    • All members must be level 255
    • Guild must be level 50
    • Members must be from different accounts and owned by different people.
    • All members of the Guild should be online during the time of the claim or we will not accept it.

How it works?

Once your guild is approved, Admins will message your guild leader and recall your guild.
Also IMPORTANT that you're NOT OVERWEIGHT and have enough Inventory Space before you get the gpack items.


Free x30 Normal Costume Headgear from the monster or default npc dealer



Main Package: Members

  •  Valkyrie Set x2
  • Rset,Bset,MystisSet,Bset,GSet Headgear ( For 6 loyal members )
  •  +10 Icarus Weapon x4
  • Figure Accessorry x3
  •  Credits x1000
  • Supply




Main Package: Guild Leaders

  •  Valkyrie Set  w/+3 Orb Set x2
  •  Nile Rose x2
  •  DragonForce Weapon x2
  •  Rset,Bset,MystisSet,Bset,GSet Headgear x2
  •  Gloom Card x1 
  •  Thanatos Card x1
  •  Fallen Bishop Card x1
  •  Donate Costume Headgear x1
  •  Credits x5000
  •  Job Costume Ticket x1
  • Supply


Guild Package Application Form:

  • Guild Name:
  • Guild Leader's Name:
  • Guild Leader's Facebook Profile:
  • Member's Count:
  • Group Screenshot: (A Group screenshot of your Guild in-game. )
  •  Make it sure your guild is organized before ( Do not try to cheat )

To APPLY MESSAGE ME VIA FACEBOOK:  https://web.facebook.com/kira.hokuten.50


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