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Server Rules

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Game Relations:



- Botting, hacking or any use of third party programs (TPP) is strictly prohibited.
This includes the use of macros, autohotkeys, tools and auto clickers. Keyboards/mouse
with programmable keys are allowed however there are limitations (Autofarming).
- General chatroom/vending/market rules:
- Do not vend / pub in the middle of road of main town (Prontera)
- Do not open a vend/pub two cells around a NPC in the main town (Prontera)
- Do not exploit or promote bugs which could result in an unfair advantage.
Caught exploiting a known bug will result to ban.
- Do not impersonate as a Game Master (GM). Do not make your forum account the same as a
GMs account.
- Do not attempt to trade things from OldSchoolRO to things outside of OldSchoolRO.
- Do not engage in Real Money Trading (RMT) for items/services in-game.

Other Rules / Important Reminders
- Do not advertise any other server other than OldSchoolRO in-game.
- You are liable for your own account. Any items scammed/hacked
by players due to your recklessness will not be returned.
- Should you give your account to anyone else, you will be held
liable for any action done by that character, such as scamming/botting.
- OldSchoolRO is not responsible for any loss on your account because someone
guessed your password or because you were caught in a phishing site.
- Most importantly, follow the golden rule. Do not do unto others what
you do not want others to do unto you.
- These rules may change without any notice or warning as deemed necessary
by the admin of OldSchoolRO


Item Recovery:



There are many cases where people have suffered due to their carelessness.
To prevent such events, please obey the following rules about item recovery
- Don't lend your valuable itetms without a good reason
- Don't let someone else other players pass your item from one character to another. Use the storage.
- Never give your password to anyone
- When giving dealing items to someone, it is best to move to a less crowded area to check if you are
dealing the right player. Double-check the items you are dealing before you trade it.
- When buying items, never pay first before receiving the item.
- Check all items in the item window on both sides before trading. Some items may have the same picture but
but different item IDs. Hover over the item to see if you are really getting the real item.
- If you got scammed, report the scam via forums immediately. Keeping a screenshot of the transaction may help.
- A Gamemaster will NEVER, EVER, ask for your account. Real game masters don't need to ask for your account. If
ever someone attempts this, save a screenshot of the conversation and report it any staff.
- Cards lost during item refining will not be returned.
- Scammed items due to carelessness will not be return.

We have the right to deny service in an item recovery case if you didn't follow any of the above ruling or
if the case is deemed too complicated and cannot determine who the real owner of the item is.


Global Chat:



The only mean of global chat on this server is the Broadcaster. So here are the rules on how to use the broadcaster

- Do not flood, spam, trashfalk, flame, or use vulgar words on the broadcaster
-If you witness someone violating the the rule, do not impersonate a GM and threaten the player.


PvP/WoE Relations:



PvP/WoE Relations rules apply to PvP maps/ War of Emperium (WoE).

- Do not attempt to join WoE without a guild. Caught players will
be muted for the rest of the war
- Every Guild must have an Emblem during War of Emperium(WoE).
Emblems containing offensive images, or copying the emblem of
other guilds is strictly prohibited and is punishable.
- Do not use petty tricks during WoE, such as:
- Spamming Friends Request
- Spamming Deal request
- Spaming Party Request
- Spamming Private message

- During kill streak events, Do not bring alts into the map.
Players caught doing so will be muted or invalidated to join


Staff Relations:


- Game Masters will never ask for your items or account in-game
or through social media
- Game masters will never give away zeny/items unless it is an event
- Respect all the Gamemasters
- Do not spam messages to Gamemasters
- Do not spam the @request command
- Do not ask to be a game master
- Game masters reserve the right to ban/mute/jail for rule violations
without any warning

Player Relations:



- Respect other players, No harassment, discrimation or racism allowed.
Serious offenses such as sexual harassment will result in a ban.

- Do not use skills with the sole intention of harassing another player and/or
party. This includes skills such as Kyrie Elesion and Icewalls which the other player
unable to react or counter attack.
- Do not warp players using Warp Portal without permission. Especially at PvP maps.
- Do not scam / steal other player's items or zeny.



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