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Re-live the best experience yet!, Welcome back to OldSchoolRO! This is a private server opened last 2009. This is based on the original Ragnarok Online with some few changes like 255/100, custom items, etc. OldschoolRO has the best experience for PvP, Guild War & Questing for items! Perfect balance of classes, 3rd-party protection & security of the server is always ensured. Our staff is always and will be fair & just, open for assistng! So hold on to your seatbelts as OldschoolRO will open its gates soon! Come and play with us!

Server Rates

  • 15000x Base Experience
  • 10000x Job Experience
  • 1500x Drop Rates
  • 5000x Normal Cards
  • 3000x Boss Cards

Basic Informatiion

  • PK Server
  • Episode: 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown
  • Pure 2-2 Transcendent Classes
  • Max Levels: 255 (Base) and 100 (Job)
  • Max Stats: 255
  • Max Aspd: 196
  • Max SP: 6000
  • Instant Cast: 150 Dex
  • Max storage and gstorage: 1000
  • Max zeny: 2,000,000,000
  • Server timezone: GMT +8
  • Main Language: English
  • Max party size: 15 members
  • Max guild size: 32 members
  • Guild alliance is disabled only in WoE
  • Max char slots per account: 15

Game and Host

  • Multi-clients: Enabled
  • Adelay system (Anti-speedhack/nodelay)
  • Gepard shield 3.0
  • Server Location: Los Angeles
  • DDoS Protection and Mitigation
  • Internet/ Network speed: 1 GB/sec
  • Bandwidth traffic: Unlimited

Available Commands:
lgp, shake, circle, square, aoes, nobc, seeitems, go, warp, who2, storage, gstorage, time, storeall, rates, refresh, autoloot, mobinfo, iteminfo, whodrops, whereis, showexp, showdelay, autotrade, changegm, changeleader, duel, whosell, whobuy, pk, garbage.

© OldSchoolRO 2019

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