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Update as of December 02, 2019

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[Note]: Patch your client to avoid error in-game!


Modified Falcon Assault after-cast delay from 3 seconds to 0
Modified Ninja Job "HP up to + 70%"
Modified Gunslinger Job "HP up to + 30%"
Modified Soul Linker Job "HP up to + 150%"
Modified High Priest Job "HP up to + 70%"
Increase damage of Falcon Assault by 150%
Increase damage of Arrow Vulcan by 50%
Increase damage of Holy Light (with) Soul Link
Reduced Skill delay Ninja Job
Reduced Skill delay Soul Linker Job
Enabled GTB Card at PvP ROOM

(Emperium & King of Emperium) New Defense!!

  • Sanctuary Heal - 99999(100k) per heal

(Donation Manager) New Item

  • Medal of Str
  • Medal of Agi
  • Medal of Vit
  • Medal of Int
  • Medal of Dex
  • Medal of Luk
  • Stalker Card

(Quest Shop Costume) +1 Allstats

  • Pinky Scarf
  • Velvet Scarf
  • Santa Scarf
  • Snow Scarf
  • Winter Scarf

(HoH - Hall of Heritage Shop) New Item

  • Winter Coat
  • Black Winter Coat
  • Blue Winter Coat
  • Brown Winter Coat
  • Green Winter Coat
  • Red Winter Coat
  • Yellow Winter Coat

(Monster Arena Shop) New Item

  • Unknown Aura v1
  • Unknown Aura v2

(Antonio Monster Spawn)
prontera city
Drops: Red Stocking - Christmas Ticket


Christmas & New Year Donation Promo

Thank you for your support and happy gaming!
OsRO Team
#MuchLove! :classic_love:

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