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Update as of November 04, 2019

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New Era Again as of November 2019



Modified Twin Edge of Nacht Sieger (Red & Blue) slot count from 3 to 4.
Modified Twin Edge of Nacht Sieger (Red & Blue) Attack from 150 to 160.
Modified Twin Edge of Nacht Sieger (Red & Blue) Skills from lvl 3 to 5.
Modified Red Valkyrie Helm & Red Dragon Wing (Combo effect) from 10% Bow Damage to 20%.
Modified Mystic Valkyrie Helm & Mystic Dragon Wing (Combo effect ) int from 10 to 20.
Modified Dragonforce Katar Attack from 200 to 300.
Modified Dragonforce Staff Int from 3 to 7.
Modified Bloody Knight Card's Meteor Storm auto-cast level from level 1 to level 10.
Modified Bloody Knight Card Drop rate from 5% to 1%.
Modified Dragonforce (Guitar & Rope ) Attack from 80 to 220.
Modified Icarus Guitar Attack from 60 to 200.
Reduced (Casttime & AfterCastDelay) Magic Crasher Skill.
Reduced (Casttime & AfterCastDelay) Soul Destroyer/Breaker Skill.
Reduced (AfterCastDelay) Sacrifice Skill.
Disabled Swordsman's Provoke/Gospel and Scholar's Mind Breaker on WoE/GvG!
Fixed Ifrit Card Description
Fixed Bunch of Carnation Combo with Asprika/Proxy
Fixed Vidar Boots Combi with Asprika/Proxy

@pvp or PvP ROOM

  • Ignores guild alliances
  • Ignores party alliance

New Mall Tool Dealer Shop

  • Speed Potion
  • Coldproof Potioon
  • Fireproof Potion
  • Thunderproof Potion
  • Earthproof Potion
  • Water Converter
  • Fire Converter
  • Wind Converter
  • Earth Converter

New HoH Shop

  • Trentini Card
  • Alphoccio Card

New Quest Shop @quest

  • Creator Card
  • Randel Card

New @Donation Shop

  • Ultra Sniping Suit
  • Dragon Totem Mid/Low

Additional Information

  • Reduced delay of YggBerry
  • Reduced delay of YggSeed
  • Improved Heal of Fish Slice

[Note]: Patch your client to avoid error in-game!


Thank you for your support and happy gaming!
OsRO Team
#MuchLove! :classic_love:

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