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Update as of October 03, 2019

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[Note]: Patch your client to avoid error in-game!

Server Improvements

Reduced CastTime Sacrifice Skill.
Reduced CastTime/AfterCastActDelay Sharp Shooting Skill.
Reduced CastTime/AfterCastActDelay Acid Demonstration Skill.
Modified Fist of Fury and Skewer slot count from 3 to 4.
Modified Balmung [1] from 1% to 2% Acid Demo damage per refine rate.
Maximum SP To 5000
GTB Card from 80% to 70% Nullify Magic spells.
Superb Fish Slice from 25% to 10% recovers HP/SP

New @Quest:

  • Added New Effects Vidar Boot's [1] 
  • Added New Effects Anniversary Hat [1]
  • Added New Effects Bunch of Carnation [1]
  • Gold Captain Hat
  • Gold Note Headphone
  • Gold Joker Jester
  • Ifrit Breath
  • Ice Breath

New Modified Card:


New @Donate:

  • Black Drake Coat
  • Gold Drake Coat
  • Gold Kyuubi Tail
  • NHP Blue Visor
  • Azure Chinese Hat
  • Black Chinese Hat
  • Venom Chinese Hat

Removed Item From Donation:

  • All Winter's Coat
  • All Glare's Staff
  • All Kirin's Devil Knife
  • Full Follow Mask

Thank you for your support and happy gaming!
OsRO Team

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