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WOE Top 3 Guilds Points - (Season 2)

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We're hosting another unique event with handsome rewards to offer! (Top 3 Guild with most points!)

How to earn points?

Every WOE, if you have done the following below, you'll gain 1 point:

-Longest Defense(1 point)
-Castle Holder(1 point)

So if you got both after WoE, you'll gain 2 points.
Don't worry about your guild progress as the GMs will record your guild points and be checked on a daily basis.

Guilds who gathered the most points will receive Unique Rewards!  

Top 1: ( Name: 0pts ) 20,000 Donation Points , 3,000 PESOS
Top 2: ( Name: 0pts ) 15,000 Donation Points , 1,000 PESOS
Top 3: ( Name: 0pts ) 10,000 Donation Points , 1,000 PESOS

Fantastic prizes await you! So be sure to actively participate in our GMs events!

Event Starts Today: September 22, 2019

Ends: October 20, 2019


Goodluck Everyone 😘 Thank you for your support and happy gaming!

OsRO Team

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