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Updates as of August 01, 2019

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Icarus Shurinken

  • Slot [4] & Level 2 Weapon


  • Warp Disabled

Ifrit Card

  • Earthquake Damage & Chance


Donation Shop: (New Items)

  • Black Devil's Mask
  • Variant Shoes
  • Asprika


Lighthalzen MvP Card: (Enabled)

  • Drop Rate Chance 0.30%
  • Respawn Time + 1x / 100~130min
  • Card Effects: 

Enchantero NPC: (New)

"I can enchant your helm/armor/shield/manteaux/shoes with orbs for a cost x300 Credits
"Max Add Stats +1 to +5";
"Dont worry your equipment wont be destroyed

@warp prontera 162 164



[Note]: Patch your OsRO Client to avoid error in-game thanks~

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