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Update as of July 15, 2019

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@tokenshop New Cdrop:

  • Cold Moonlight

@quest New Costume:

  • Rainbow Seraph Wing Helm
  • Rainbow Archangel Wing
  • Pink Archangel Wing
  • Red Archangel Wing
  • Light Blue Archangel Wing
  • Light Purple Archangel Wing
  • Green Archangel Wing
  • Gold Archangel Wing
  • Cyan Archangel Wing
  • Dark Purple Archangel Wing
  • Blue Archangel Wing
  • Colored Archangel Wing
  • Black Archangel Wing
  • Archangel Wing

@pvpshop New Costume Items:

  • Uncle Sam
  • Voltron Helm
  • Rangris Hat
  • Dragonvan Mask
  • Dragoon Helm
  • Gorilla Mask
  • Google Hat
  • White Tomboy Fairy
  • Black Lighthalzen Aura [Mid/Lower]
  • Fusion Lighthalzen Aura [Mid/Lower]
  • Black Lighthalzen Aura [Mid/Lower]
  • Rogue Cape
  • Black Mooni Coat
  • Blue Mooni Coat
  • Green Mooni Coat
  • Pink Mooni Coat
  • Purple Mooni Coat
  • Yellow Mooni Coat
  • Black Mixis Coat
  • Blue Mixis Coat
  • Green Mixis Coat
  • Pink Mixis Coat
  • Purple Mixis Coat
  • Yellow Mixis Coat

Fixed Items:
Binocular (Slot1)
Assumptio Scroll Box (Arena)
RSX Card (Vit + 20)
Margaretha Sorin Card (Increase Magic Damage against Demi-Human by 15%)


Wizard Talisman Remove Effect:
When the Wizard has a 'Crystal Fragment' while under this skill's effect, the item will be used, and any spells that were reflected back to you via Kaite will simply disappear instead of hitting you!


New Player Commands:

  • @tokenshop
  • @pvpshop

Pending Update:
- Preview Headgear NPC


[Note]: To avoid error in-game patch your OldSchool Client! Thanks 🙂

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