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Update as of July 02, 2019

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Added Osro Loading Screen

  • from the contest

Added MvP Exchanger Points (New NPC @mvp)

  • MvP Card to Vote Points
  • MvP Card to Activity Points
  • MvP Card to WoE Points
  • MvP Card to KoE Points

Added More Costume Bonus Points

  • @donate

Added Job Costume (New NPC)

  • Located @warp prontera 142 180
  • Job Costume ticket can buy to donation npc

Brewberry Maker

  • a new talent fee of 30,000 zeny

Garrison [4]

  • Fixed weapon level

Icarus Wing

  • Fixed Quest Requirements

Darth Maul Mask

  • Fixed wrong Description

Fin Helm [1]

  • Fixed Slot

Baccarat NPC

  • Fixed 20Credits per round

Players New Command

  • @woeshop
  • @mvp

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