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  1. Vali

    DF Sword

    Please fix the DF Sword. Only knight and merchant class can equip. please fix so sinx can also equip.
  2. Vali

    Rare Mvp Card Descriptions

    @Kira Regarding the Ifrit, diba po based on job level, tpos 100 job level shouldn't the stats be +100 hit and attack? sinuot ko kasi random lng 10-15 lng dagdag attack at hit.
  3. I won the event, but it seems the zombie npcs stayed and killed me before i could talk to the prize npc. please help.
  4. Vali

    Token Quest MYTIC WIZARD

    bug here, no staff was given by npc. cannot finish the quest. need help.
  5. Vali

    Margaretha sorin card

    Can't be slotted to weapon.
  6. Vali

    Tips in becoming rich fast?

    I mean would donate if that exchange rate be good though. 😂
  7. Is there like the token quest here? And gold room? Or are there any other ways of becoming rich in game? Thanks.