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  1. aizon32

    Costumes bug

    already costume but equip in general, same as byakugan, sharingan and baseball cap
  2. aizon32


    plss put breaker ladder with break points shop and also put a name in broadcast who break the emp . ty
  3. aizon32

    Zeny To Credit Guide

    Requirements Talk Simon @warp prontera 135 214 Put 5m to get more chance of winning Intergalactic Coin. After getting Intergalactical Coin Kill Poring monster to get 100pcs Poring Jewels. then Talk Credit Agent @warp prontera 131 210 Enter Yes, here they are! Congratulations! now you can change Zeny to Credit.
  4. aizon32

    Thanatos Tower Quest Guide

    Start Here! 1st Key @warp tha_t03 66 67 You need to equip a Lv4 weapon to obtain it. 2nd Key @warp tha_t04 185 188 Solve the puzzle and be patient. 3rd Key @warp tha_t05 63 176 in first dialogue box put: Red Key in next dialogue box put: Yellow Key 4th Key @warp tha_t06 226 226 1st Small Wheel -> Raise Wheel (1st option) 2nd Small wheel -> Lower Wheel (2nd option) 1st Big Wheel -> Vertically Shift Wheel (3rd option) 2nd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel 3rd Big Wheel -> Raise Wheel 5th Key @warp tha_t06 200 182 1-observe it. 2-always click second choice. 1st Charm Stone @warp tha_t06 120 120 Talk then get black charm. 2nd Charm Stone tha_t08 47 64 3rd Charm Stone tha_t08 47 152 3rd Charm Stone tha_t08 92 152 4th Charm Stone tha_08 92 64 Now you have all the Charm Stones you can go to the top of the tower. You have to go to the 12th floor and insert all the Charm Stones in their statues. Here is a map with the location of the statues. Insert 1st Charm Stone. Inster 2nd Charm Stone Inster 3rd Charm Stone. Insert 4th Charm Stone Insert 5th Charm Stone. When you insert all the Charm Stones a warp will be opened in the center of the map and it’ll warp you to the top of the tower. This warp won’t close until you kill the MVP.
  5. aizon32

    Disable warp

    and also gvg Style in Thana boss
  6. Disable Warp to thana floor 7-12
  7. put preview on npc for all costume headgears.
  8. aizon32


    pls Increase drop rate to normal cards TY.
  9. aizon32

    autoloot 100

    please remove autoloot 100 after login
  10. aizon32

    DeadBranch Room

    Remove Rare Mvp in Db.
  11. aizon32

    Gold Room 

    In gold room using fly wing is really enabled?
  12. aizon32

    Black Valkyrie Helm Combos

    oooohh i see sorry @Rem @Kira
  13. aizon32

    Black Valkyrie Helm Combos

    Confirm! Black and Venom Also a combo! item discription is wrong..
  14. aizon32

    Black Valkyrie Helm Combos

    Black Valkyrie Helm and Venom Dragon wing also a combo set??